Based on our experience in a wide range of scientific disciplines, as well as extensive editing and scientific publishing experience, ScienceTraduite provides English copyediting services for highly technical scientific texts.

We offer competitive pricing and a detailed knowledge of your research field, as well as a manuscript submission service to facilitate and simplify the submission process.

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Getting your article published in a professional journal can be a long and complicated process; so why risk any delays due to the quality of the writing? Whether or not English is your native language, our copyediting service will help ensure that your results are presented with the optimal clarity and precision. Our edits will leave the structure and content of your paper intact, using perfect, professional English.

Manuscript submission

With all the demands on your time as a researcher, why waste time decoding the requirements for manuscript formatting and navigating online submission systems? For a reasonable fee, we will handle manuscript submission on your behalf, giving you extra reassurance that all necessary elements have been included in your submission, that the formatting is correct, and that your paper can proceed quickly through the submission system. Give us your raw materials (manuscript, figures, cover letter, etc.), and we’ll take care of the rest.


For francophone scientists and researchers, we offer French to English translation of all types of scientific documents, from professional publications, to grant applications, and more! For more information, please visit the French language version of our site.


Our pricing structure is simple, straightforward, and contains no hidden costs. You can estimate the price for editing, translating, and submitting your paper based on the price table below. Please note that these prices apply for a standard turnaround time of eight working days; additional fees may apply for rush jobs. Please contact us for details on short turnaround jobs.



  • Copyediting€0.05/word
  • Manuscript submission€100/manuscript
  • Translation (FR to EN)€0.10/word

Contact us directly for a formal quote including the guaranteed final price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file formats do you accept?

    For copyediting, we ask that all files are provided in editable Word documents. Edits will be made using the ‘track changes’ function in Word, which lets you accept or reject our proposed changes after you have reviewed our suggestions.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment by bank transfer and by credit card (via PayPal). Full payment is expected within 30 days of receiving the final documents(s) and invoice. For larger projects, we may request a deposit, which can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

  • I need my document quickly. Can you edit it in less than 8 days?

    In some cases I can return your edited more quickly than the normal turnaround time, based on whether or not I have ongoing projects for other clients. For rapid service, an additional fee may apply. Please send me your files with a desired completion date, and I will be able to give you an exact quote and realistic delivery date.

  • Do you guarantee that my manuscript will be accepted?

    We cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted, whether we are involved in translating, editing, and/or submitting it. However, we do guarantee that your manuscript will not be rejected based on the quality of the English usage.

  • Do you have a question which we haven't answered here?

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My name is Emily Crow, and I am a freelance scientific editor and translator. I have a PhD in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL (USA), one of the top 20 graduate programs for bioscience in the United States. I have close to 10 years of research experience at the bench and over 5 years of experience in scientific writing and editing for a variety of clients and agencies. In addition, having worked full time as a scientific editor overseeing peer review, I have a detailed knowledge of how the publishing industry works and how to help you get your research published.

Contact me at to discuss your needs in copyediting or French to English translation.

Freelance scientific translator - Science Traduite - Emily Crow

My professional priority is facilitating scientific communication, particularly for researchers who do not speak English as a first language. Contact me today to see how I can help you.